A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

10 Aug

Today I took a walk to the local convenience store to pick up a copy of the Friday newspaper. It’s become a ritual for us since we moved to Israel—to get the Friday paper. The Friday paper is like the Sunday paper back home (though a lot thinner over here!). It’s the one with event and cultural listings, supplementary magazines, and TV guide. There are two major English-language newspapers here and we opt for The International Herald Tribune—it’s the international version of The New York Times with the local newspaper supplement the Ha’aretz and, most important of all, the New York Times crossword puzzle.

I decided to bring my camera along with me for the walk, just like I used to do when we first moved here. Back when Herzliya Pituach was unfamiliar territory and I never knew what interesting phenomenon I might come across. Since I now have my own car, and especially since it is so hot out these days, I haven’t been walking through the neighborhood much lately. But I wanted to walk today despite the weather. We will be moving back home shortly (the first week in October) and I’d like to savor the sights in the neighborhood. The incredible lushness of the vegetation, the quirky and sometimes—no oftentimes—over-the-top architecture. And maybe I’d come across a hoopoe or two. Well, no hoopoe sightings today…just scads of hooded crows. I sat for awhile in Vriesland Garden and noticed the palm trees were laden with dates. These are a different kind of date than the medjoul dates I buy in the grocery store. There are plenty of these date palms throughout the Tel Aviv district just like the ones in Vriesland Garden. All simply bursting with dates right now. I wondered last year what the city and municipalities do with all the dates and never found an answer to the question. I’d love to find the answer to that question before we move.


One Response to “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

  1. nanci03 September 29, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    So a question for you. This is a picture of lush surroundings. Is it natural or imported? Kind of changes my visual of the Holy Land and lots of dry dust.

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