Peppino’s Big Adventure

16 Aug

The inscrutable gas pump at Paz gas station in Herzliya

Ever since the gas station at the entrance to Herzliya installed a new machine for self serve pumps—with instructions in Hebrew only—I’ve been obsessed with figuring out how to use them. And not only that. I want to be able to create an info sheet for work that will aid non-Hebrew speaking people in using the machines.

This evening after dinner, I recruited Brad to come with me to the gas station so he could aid me in my mission to take photos of the machine display and figure out how to use the machine. I hadn’t taken into account that it was a Thursday evening and traffic was guaranteed to be heavy. (Thursday is Israel’s Friday.) Plus, I’d let the tank go to nearly empty before setting out on this mission.

My little Fiat Panda, Peppino, didn’t like running on fumes and was not handling stop-and-go traffic very well. He was bucking like a disgruntled bronco. Then, I heard the dreaded beep beep beep signal alerting me to a warning message. “Limited Range” flashed onto my dashboard display. Yikes! Almost out of gas! We crept along in the bumper to bumper traffic as my heart leapt into my mouth. Fortunately we didn’t have far to go and Peppino limped up towards the gas pump.

Just as I’d suspected, even though I’d had two previous goes at it with help from kind strangers, I was having trouble navigating the menu on the touch screen. And, just as I’d suspected, Brad was able to figure it out. So, mission accomplished, we headed home, Peppino now happy with a bellyful of fuel.


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