Jaffa Jaunt and Baxter Boo Boo

16 Sep

Persian Ceramic TileOur plan today was to go to the Jaffa Flea Market in the morning. I’ve had my eye on some ceramic tiles with fish designs ever since we moved here. The tiles are said to be about 40-50 years old and to come from Iran. I bought a small one in Jerusalem the very first day I arrived in Israel. Today I was looking to pick up a couple of larger versions.

As we were getting ready to head in to town, Brad discovered that Baxter has a bare patch of reddened skin on his right shoulder. Yikes! We hastily made an appt. with our vet for noon, leaving us time to drive into Jaffa, head immediately to the ceramic tile vendor, and come right back. We spent a bit of time with the vendor, who obliging pulled out various sizes and styles of the vintage tiles for us to consider. Brad and I made our choices and tried to dicker the price down but the vendor wouldn’t budge very much. These tiles must be much sought after so there is no need for him to come down very much in his price. He did, however, give us a small freebie tile as he was packing up our order.

Baxter was well behaved, as usual, at the vet’s. The vet ran a couple of tests to determine the cause of the skin irritation but did not come up with a definitive diagnosis yet. He sent us home with some lotion to put on Baxter’s “hot spot.” We’re to keep an eye on it and bring him back if we notice the irritated area getting larger or more inflamed. We were very worried this new development might cause a problem in getting Baxter out of the country but our vet doesn’t think that will be a problem. I have to bring both Baxter and Lulu back on Sept. 25 for their health certificate. I hope by then Baxter is well on the mend.

Spent the rest of the day continuing to organize for the move. I noticed that I’ve incorrectly placed some labels on kitchen cabinets. Stuff that is supposed to go by air I had marked for the shipment that goes by boat. Geez! I am vowing to recheck all labels on Tuesday — the night before the movers come.


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