Calm Before The Storm?

21 Sep

This is how I found Baxter and Lulu this afternoon. They’ve recovered quite well from being shut up for a day in the bathroom while the movers traipsed through the house packing up all our belongings. During clean-up after the move, I found several cat toys behind one couch. The kids are ignoring them for now. Baxter’s hot spot seems to be healing quite well.

The two of them haven’t a clue what lies in their future: another vet visit for a health certificate. Then a few days later we will leave with them in the wee hours of the morning for a ride to the airport. After the long flight home, and a long drive home from Dulles Airport during DC rush hour traffic we will drop them off at our home in Linthicum.

I wonder if they will recognize their old stomping grounds? I also wonder if they will miss this house in Israel with its tall windows looking out onto an exotic landscape, its various nooks and corners for running and chasing each other around and one very nifty kitty hiding place?


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