Visita Dolorosa

22 Sep

Contrasts in the Shuq

Today we made what will probably be our last visit to Jerusalem. My very first full day in Israel was spent visiting the Old City of Jerusalem and I was thoroughly enchanted. We’ve made several trips since then and even had a couple overnight stays just outside the Old City. I had thought I might pick up some final souvenirs but I found myself passing the vendors by. I was more interested in just soaking up the atmosphere in this city full of contrasts: old and new, sacred and profane, Christian, Muslim, Jewish religions.

Jerusalem skyline with the dome of Hurva Synagogue

Though we’ve visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher many times, we made our first visit to the nearby Church of the Redeemer. We decided to climb the 178 steps up to the top of the Church tower and were rewarded with fabulous views of the Old City. The climb up the narrow spiral staircase was tiring and a bit claustrophobic; going down made us both dizzy. As we continued walking though Jerusalem I felt a profound sadness, knowing I will probably never return to this ancient city again.

Eighth Station of the Cross on Via Dolorosa


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