Cleanup Time

4 Oct

Baxter rediscovered one of his favorite perches.

While the kitties spent the day reacquainting themselves with the house, I went shopping for supplies at Home Depot, Safeway and PetSmart. In the afternoon I was at the house, cleaning.

We were lucky that the tenants had not caused any major damage to the house but appalled at the filthy condition we discovered in certain areas. The stove area had been splattered with some sort of orange goo. As I cleaned it up, I began wondering what could have caused such a mess. Did the tenants subsist on macaroni and cheese alone? My overactive imagination conjured up images of a huge vat of velveeta cheese spluttering away on the stove. I encountered additional horror stories too grisly to tell in the drains of both kitchen and bathroom sinks. The lack of care of lawn and garden was also disconcerting. Our beautiful rhododendron is dead and the fig tree has gone missing.

Lulu stretches out at home.

Brad had to go into the office for a few hours, started shopping for cars and then met me at the house in the afternoon. In the evening we got together for dinner with my sisters and a friend at Grano in Hampden. Mmmm… good eats!


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