Busy Weekend

7 Oct

Friday was another day of cleaning at the house. It will take a long time to get it in shape. Based on research Brad had begun before we departed Israel, we hired a company to refinish our hardwood floors.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at our local classic diner, the Honey Bee. Israeli breakfasts are good, but you just can’t beat down-home American diner breakfasts! Comfort food at its finest. After breakfast, we met the floor refinishers at the house. The foreman brought in two crews to do the job to make sure the floors would be ready before our storage shipment arrives on October 16. We moved the kitties into our hotel room since they can’t be in the house while the work was being done. Since we couldn’t be in the house either while the work was being done, we went car shopping. Brad bought a beautiful fully loaded Jetta station wagon. She’s a beaut! In the evening we attended a members-only event at the Walters Art Museum in which we got a preview of a wonderful exhibit that opens to the public on October 14.

On Sunday morning we received the happy news that the floor refinishers would be completing the job that afternoon. The crew had worked until around 7 p.m. on Saturday; they’d arrived at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday and would finish applying the final coat by the afternoon. We stopped by mid-morning to check the progress and were extremely pleased with the results. The floors look brand new and will really help set off the decor in our house.

I went to see “Looper” in the afternoon with my sister. Great movie!! Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great in the lead role, managing to out shine Bruce Willis, imho. In the evening, Brad and I went to visit a friend who had been storing some items for us that Brad had brought back during one of his business trips to the States. We all went out to dinner at Mi Casita, a great little Mexican restaurant in our friend’s neighborhood. The food was yummy and the margaritas even better.


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