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BIG Book Sale

30 Nov


I went to the Pratt Library’s BIG Book Sale today, apparently an annual event, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Got wind of it on facebook, so I guess there really is some good to come from social media.

I was surprised at the turnout for the event. There weren’t masses of people, but many many more than I’d expected. Nothing like the Black Friday hordes I’ve seen coverage of. And this group was definitely much more civil. Many people came with the obvious intention of making lots of purchases; some carried huge tote bags, others brought wheeled carry-on luggage, plastic milk crates, even U.S. Postal bins. All of them filling these receptacles with incredible bargains. Paperbacks were 50 cents a pop; a buck for hardback books. All books were in decent condition and there was a wide selection.

I went away with four books. I didn’t want to overdo it, though I could have easily done so. I nearly went bug-eyed when I realized they were selling audiobooks for a mere $2. Since moving back home I’ve gone back to my habit of listening to an audiobook in my car and another one while I exercise. But I just kept thinking of all the household goods and books we’ve just unpacked and are trying to put away in our house. I think from now on I prefer to use the library to borrow books rather than to acquire more stuff that we’ll have to find room for.

Yes, I was surprised at the turnout today. But pleased as well. Pleased to know love of books is still alive and well.


Roast Peppers alla Genovese

21 Nov

On this beautiful sunny day, warm enough for me to go out on the deck in short sleeves, I roasted some peppers on our Weber grill. It’s my side dish contribution to my sister’s non-traditional Thanksgiving meal, featuring lasagna instead of turkey.

The roasting begins. The idea is to char the skin on all sides.

Roasting almost done as the peppers begin to collapse upon themselves.

Charred skin and innards removed, I sliced up the peppers and added olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper. They will marinate overnight. I must tell you, the aroma in my kitchen is unbelievably irresistible.