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Harbor City Treats

9 May The Pride of Baltimore II viewed from Fort McHenry

I used to live and work in downtown Baltimore and had occasion to visit the Inner Harbor many times. Now that we live in the suburbs and have lived overseas for 11 of the last 18 years, I rarely pay a visit to the city’s top tourist destination. But recently, in anticipation and preparation for a day trip to Baltimore by a friend from Tokyo, I revisited the Harbor and other attractions. It was great to be in my old stomping grounds…even though so much has changed over the years. I enjoyed perfect weather during the day I scouted out attractions for my friend from Japan giving me a chance to enjoy some of Baltimore’s delights.

Baltimore Inner Harbor from Federal

The Inner Harbor as seen from Federal Hill.

The Pride of Baltimore II viewed from Fort McHenry

The Pride of Baltimore II as seen from Fort McHenry

Mama duck and duckling

Female mallard and her ducklings at the Inner Harbor. One duckling seems ready to snatch up what looks suspiciously like a cheeto.