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Rufus Update

27 Apr

photo 3

At Rieve’s Pond

photo 4

The Beavers Have Been Busy

photo 2

Inspecting The Beavers’ Handiwork

I haven’t posted in a while… been too busy keeping up with the antics of our puppy. Rufus has been with us for a little over 2 months now and we’ve seen him go through some changes during this time period. He was a bit shy when we first brought him home but he has begun to come out of his shell and assert his distinctive personality.

Some of this is for the good: he definitely knows his name now and will respond readily when called upon. When he chooses to. Brad can play with him in our backyard without fear he will run away, even though we haven’t put up a fence yet (we are working on that!). But the down side is: he has begun to bark a lot, as Brad says, sometimes seemingly at molecules. We don’t know what it is that sets him off but we are sure getting a chance to hear the beagle in him. On our walks, when encountering people or other dogs, he often responds boisterously. Early this morning I took Rufus outside and I was amazed as he went stock still and pointed…at a fox. Not a peep out of him. But he barked his head off at the little neighbor boy the other day. Go figure.

We’ve been making progress with the dog obedience classes. Rufus is very good at “sit” and “down” commands. He has begun to master “stay” and “wait.” He has learned to play a couple of games with us…but we are struggling to get him to learn the concept of fetch. He still pulls at his leash a lot, mainly because we have failed at being consistent in training him in that area. We have a no-pull harness on order.

Today we took a long walk at the Patuxent Research Refuge and he had a grand time. We walked some lovely trails, visited a pond where there had been evidence of beaver activity and we added some new birds to our list: bluegray gnatcatcher and an orchard oriole.