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Recipe for Nostalgia

11 May

I made empanadas this weekend to bring to a Cinco de Mayo celebration. It’s my Mom’s recipe, one that I used to make a lot for parties but haven’t made in years and years. I managed to dig up the recipe card my Mom inscribed those many years ago. I love looking at her familiar handwriting and especially how she used every inch of the 3×5 card with instructions on how to make these little wicked delicacies. Gosh how I miss her!


This Year’s Crop of Robins

5 May

DSC_9009 DSC_9012
In the past, we had robins nesting under our deck year after year. Sometimes a previous year’s nest would be reused. But since returning from Israel in 2012, the deck has not been adorned with nesting birds. This weekend Brad was trimming the shrubs in the front yard and he discovered a nest of robins in one of our yews. He hopes he didn’t disturb the robin family too greatly as the chicks are just beginning to hatch.