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A Few Of My Favorite Things

26 Sep

Aside from ready access to some of the greatest historical sites in the world and top-notch middle eastern cusine, here are a few of the things I will miss about living in Israel:

The view outside my studio window.

Being able to walk from our house to the shores of the Med in 15 minutes.

Being able to walk down the middle of the highway once a year on Yom Kippur.

The bougainvillea outside my kitchen window.

Predictable weather.


Our Very Own Bougainvillea

9 Jun

I’ve been admiring the many gorgeous bougainvillea plants in our neighborhood, most of which are adorned with copious blooms* of brilliant color. Imagine my surprise when the ugly duckling of a plant in our front courtyard began to sprout delicate but radiant flowers. Why, we have our own bougainvillea bush! I call it an ugly duckling of a plant because only until its recent metamorphosis it appeared as a gangly, sorry sort of plant that had managed to grow tortuously in and around the bars of our garage window. The branches sport deadly sharp thorns. Pruning the thing required the utmost care to prevent the drawing of blood. But with these unexpected blooms the plant is suddenly a beauty. We probably need to do more pruning to really let the plant come into its full potential. But in the meantime more and more colorful blooms keep popping out.

*as explained in an earlier post, not really flowers but specialized leaves called bracts.

View from our kitchen window

As seen from our kitchen window

Bougainvillea thorn

One of those deadly thorns

Bougainvillea plant in our front courtyard

As seen from outside the house. The arrow points to where the plant has grown in and around the bars of the garage window.